Restaurant La Cucina Byblos in Saint-Tropez

Rewarded with a plate in 2021 by the Michelin Guide for the quality of its table, the restaurant La Cucina Byblos Saint-Tropez is an address that quickly became a culinary reference in Saint-Tropez. Indeed, the Cucina Byblos has many assets: the master Alain Ducasse at the wheel, a mythical address: just a stone’s throw from the Place des Lices, in the heart of the hotel Byblos, the mythical palace of Saint-Tropez. Here, with no excessive sophistication, you are projected into the dolce vita. La Cucina is indeed a hymn to the Italian culinary tradition. In a relaxed atmosphere, you enjoy generous and colourful plates.

Chef Rocco Seminara ensures the quality expected in the Ducasse houses and thus delivers creations where the original tastes of Italian cuisine are sublimated. You can “simply” savour a white ham with truffle or let yourself be seduced by the Kristal caviar parmesan cheese wheel for an exceptional taste experience. The “Saint-Pierre d’ici, courgettes and black olives” is a nod to the history of the fishing village of Saint-Tropez and ensures you a moment of gustatory pleasure. And to finish on a gourmet and sweet note, the strawberry, fior di latte and basil guarantee you freshness and sweetness.

The Cucina Byblos Saint-Tropez has succeeded in bringing authentic Italian cuisine to the heart of Saint-Tropez. Your culinary journey is guaranteed!


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