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Sardinia, with its crystal clear waters, enchanting coves and vibrant history, offers an unrivalled yachting experience. Our yacht charters in Sardinia invite you on an extraordinary journey, where luxury meets unspoilt natural beauty. From the comfort of your private yacht, unlock the secrets of this hidden gem of the Mediterranean, immerse yourself in an exclusive adventure and relax in a secluded paradise.





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Receive a selection of yachts
Do you have a specific requirement and would like to receive a personalised selection of yachts or advice for your stay? Excellence Riviera has access to over 500 yachts in Sardinia, Corsica, and the French Riviera. Get in touch with our yacht charter experts, and we will guide you every step of the way.

Explore yachts in Sardinia by collection

Our fleet of yachts for charter in Sardinia is designed to suit all tastes and needs. From the sumptuous luxury of our superyachts to the agility of our smaller yachts, each vessel stands out for its quality, performance and onboard services. Equipped with the latest technology, our yachts ensure smooth sailing, while on-board water toys such as jet-skis and E-Foils offer thrilling adventures. Explore our magnificent selection and find the perfect yacht to turn your trip around Sardinia into an extraordinary journey.

Your yacht vacations in Sardinia's most beautiful destinations

Your yacht charter in Sardinia unfolds like a tailor-made odyssey, charting a course through the most resplendent destinations this jewel of the Mediterranean has to offer. The beauty of the Maddalena archipelago welcomes you with its mosaic of turquoise waters and hidden coves, a paradise for those seeking tranquillity. Next, let the winds guide you to Porto Pollo, a paradise for yachtsmen and water sports enthusiasts, offering exhilarating activities surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Your journey takes a luxurious turn in Porto Cervo, the jewel of the Costa Smeralda, offering an exquisite blend of glamour and natural splendour, with its superyacht-lined marinas and shores dotted with chic boutiques and refined restaurants. You will then sail to the mythical Isola Tavolara, an imposing limestone massif surrounded by the sea, inviting you to explore its rich biodiversity and breathtaking scenery. Your odyssey ends in Olbia, a city where ancient history and modern luxury converge, offering a glimpse of Sardinian culture against a backdrop of infinite azure. With our selection of the finest yachts, tailor-made itineraries and exceptional services, we invite you on a journey that not only explores Sardinia's breathtaking scenery, but also fulfils your desire for an exclusive holiday and unforgettable experiences. Every step of your yacht charter reveals the island's unique treasures, from secluded coves and vibrant marine life to gourmet restaurants and chic boutiques, making your holiday in Sardinia truly incomparable.

Yacht charter in Sardinia: what you need to know

Sardinia, a jewel in the heart of the Mediterranean, represents the ultimate in luxury yachting, combining adventure, culture and unrivalled natural beauty. This prestigious destination offers much more than crystal-clear waters and sun-drenched beaches; it's a lifestyle that promises exclusivity and privacy to a discerning elite. The island's diverse attractions, from the glamorous Costa Smeralda to the ancient wonders of the Nuragic civilisations, guarantee a rich palette of experiences. Chartering a yacht in Sardinia not only means accessing secluded coves and picturesque harbours, but also immersing yourself in a world of luxury shopping, gastronomy and cultural exploration. The island's rugged landscapes and historic sites, such as the Phoenician city of Tharros, offer a journey back in time, while its coastline invites relaxation and adventure. A yacht charter in Sardinia is not just a holiday, it's an exclusive passage into the splendour of the Mediterranean, designed for those looking to explore its beauty at their own pace.
Yacht de luxe ancré dans une baie en Sardaigne

What does a yacht charter in Sardinia include?

Chartering a yacht in Sardinia means living an experience tailor-made by our teams. On board, a selection of water toys awaits you, ensuring that every moment is filled with adventure. A dedicated and experienced crew is ready to cater to your every need, ensuring the highest level of service. To further enhance your trip to Sardinia, our personalised concierge service is on hand to design tailor-made itineraries and exclusive activities to suit your needs, promising you an exceptional experience on the waters of the Mediterranean.

Where can I embark when I charter a yacht from Sardinia?

When you charter a yacht in Sardinia, you have a multitude of options for your embarkation point. Choose the convenience of embarking directly from your yacht's berth in one of Sardinia's renowned ports, such as Porto Cervo, Olbia or Cagliari. If you wish to embark from another port on the island or from Corsica, our team will organise your transport from your hotel or airport to your yacht. Your preferences are essential, and our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your trip to Sardinia gets off to a smooth start.

What are the best itineraries for a yacht charter in Sardinia?

Embarking on a yacht charter in the emerald waters of Sardinia paves the way for a week filled with natural beauty and enchanting destinations. Start your journey in the captivating archipelago of La Maddalena, where secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters offer a magical start. Sail on to Porto Pollo, a paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers, offering a wide range of water sports. The adventure continues to glamorous Porto Cervo, the epitome of luxury and sophistication in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Here, high-end boutiques, fine restaurants and breathtaking scenery await you. Your next destination, Isola Tavolara, rises majestically above the sea, a monolithic giant endowed with a rich biodiversity and breathtaking panoramas. Your journey ends in Olbia, a city that combines a rich historical heritage with modern charm, offering a glimpse of the island's culture and history. This itinerary skilfully combines Sardinia's most iconic destinations, each day revealing a new layer of the island's diverse landscape and vibrant culture, guaranteeing an unforgettable yachting experience.