Beefbar by Lou Pinet Hotel in Saint-Tropez

The Beefbar restaurant in Saint-Tropez has moved into the Lou Pinet hotel since July 2020. Located 5 minutes by car from the beaches of Saint-Tropez, the Beefbar restaurant is not a steak house like the others. It offers a cuisine between grill and street food. Its menu features the best meats in the world.

But the cuisine of the Beefbar restaurant in Saint-Tropez is not limited to meat. Discover, on the menu of the restaurant of the hotel Lou Pinet, tasty grilled fish. You will also find salads or ceviche made from fresh products.

After a day at the beach, enjoy a cocktail in the bar of the Lou Pinet hotel in Saint-Tropez. Don’t forget to book a table at the Beefbar restaurant to extend your evening in Saint-Tropez. Enjoy grilled Kobe beef or Black Angus Prime by the pool at the Lou Pinet hotel.

The Beefbar at the Lou Pinet hotel is one of the best restaurants in Saint-Tropez. In a chic and friendly atmosphere, the Beefbar restaurant in Saint-Tropez offers quality meats and an inventive menu with an exotic touch. It takes you on an unforgettable culinary journey.


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