Izakaya Cozza Restaurant in Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

The Izakaya Cozza restaurant in Monaco offers Japanese specialities revisited in the Italian style. The name Isakaya echoes the name of the Japanese bistros known for their small portion service. Owned by the Giraudi group, the establishment spoils Monegasques and visitors to the Principality with richly flavoured menus. The Izakaya Cozza restaurant is particularly popular with lovers of fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Chef Kimura Masaki artfully fuses Japanese cuisine with Italian flavours. Enjoy a spring roll with gamberoni and coppa confit. Succumb to the Japanese ravioli “della casa”. Savour the “ligure” or “spicy peperoncino” rolls. A gourmet mix of Japanese and Italian specialities not to be missed in Monaco !

At the Izakaya Cozza restaurant in Monaco, lunch and dinner take place in an intimate atmosphere. The decoration is sober and soothing. The greenery is very present and adds to the serenity of the restaurant. An open kitchen allows you to see the chef and his brigade exercise their talent.

Looking for a new culinary experience in Monaco? The Izakaya Cozza restaurant combines Italian and Japanese inspirations to offer you a new gastronomic proposal. French, Italian, Japanese, the pleasure of the table has no borders in Monaco !


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