Le Club 55 Beach in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

If there is one legendary institution in Pampelonne, it is indeed Club 55, which has resisted all the changes experienced on the private beaches of Saint-Tropez in recent years, including the classification of Pampelonne as a remarkable natural area. “Here the customer is not the king… because he is a friend” is the philosophy adopted at Club 55 and this rule of conviviality has been perpetuated since its opening in 1955. The kindness of the owner Patrice de Colmont, his extraordinary sense of hospitality and his respect for the natural and wild environment of Pampelonne are the ingredients for the success of this beach.

The celebrities and great personalities who have already spent their stay lounging on the deckchairs and chatting for hours on end with Patrice have undoubtedly also contributed to the success and longevity of the Club 55. At the Club, anonymous as famous people feel at home because simplicity and kindness are the order of the day. Here, the Saint-Tropez of yesteryear is celebrated in an authentic Provençal setting without artifice, right up to the table, with organic wines, or on the plate, with simple Provençal dishes such as artichoke vinaigrette.


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