L'Opéra Restaurant Club in Saint-Tropez

The Opera is one of the most festive establishments in the Bay of Saint-Tropez. From its location to its view of the most prestigious yachts anchored in the port of Saint-Tropez, the magical shows that the restaurant hosts and its range of dishes open to Provençal and world cuisine, it has all the ingredients to make the Opera one of the favorites on your summer break in Saint-Tropez.

The glamorous and sumptuous decoration, the mirrors and the chandeliers attract people to dine or party, in the dining room or on the terrace. Here, the dance shows follow one another on the tables while the DJ starts its set as soon as midnight has passed. Guests are drawn into this unique atmosphere and happily pop champagne while celebrating the Tropezian life until the end of the night.

Opened for lunch and dinner, the Opera restaurant features Provencal and world cuisine. Its caviar bar is a hit every night, with dishes such as the Opera’s caviar spaghetti or the “Opera” crudo selection. The refined cuisine satisfies even the most discerning palate. One can enjoy prawns, head broth and coconut milk, rice flavored with jasmine or the crispy chicken supreme with peanuts, corn flakes and Cajun sauce.

To turn any stay in Saint-Tropez into an unforgettable experience, an evening at the Opera is a must.


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