Loulou Beach in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle

Loulou Ramatuelle is one of Paris Society’s top locations. On this beach in Pampelonne, people seek the elegant setting of the 1950s as much as the art of celebrating summer in Saint-Tropez.

The beach has been designed to create a family and festive atmosphere. Chef Benoît Dargère’s Mediterranean cuisine delights the tasting buds of the happy few who step foot on Loulou’s sand. Here, guests can taste the famous truffle pizza served with a rosé wine from Provence, followed by a tiramisu to share with friends.

The cozy setting of the lunch turns into a festive setting as soon as the DJ enters the ring, and the gourmets are happy to climb on the tables to dance and taste Champagne.

The music meets the sound of the waves, which those who come to relax on the sunbeds under the shelter of the umbrellas appreciate. Between tanning and water sports, Loulou’s adepts have a great time.

Loulou promises an ever-changing atmosphere. This beach is the one to adopt when you want to switch from lazing around and swimming in the sea to celebrating feet in the sand. Loulou keeps the unique and festive spirit of the Pampelonne beaches alive and encourages you to experience a timeless Saint-Tropez.


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