Salama Restaurant in Saint-Tropez

The Salama restaurant in Saint-Tropez offers Moroccan-influenced oriental cuisine and the best Lebanese dishes at its table. It is an opportunity to taste a cuisine with flavours and aromas from elsewhere, just a stone’s throw from the Place des Lices in Saint-Tropez.

Lamb couscous, chicken kebab couscous, vegetable couscous, royal couscous, the internationally renowned Moroccan dish is honoured. This popular, high-quality menu also includes refined dishes such as lobster, octopus or lamb mouse.

Your culinary journey at the Salama restaurant in Saint-Tropez ends on a high note with a particularly gourmet selection of Moroccan or Western pastries.

The Salama restaurant in Saint-Tropez invites you to taste its Moroccan cuisine in the mythical garden of the old Villa Romana. The decoration of the restaurant combines tradition and modernity to give the place a timeless note. In this exceptional setting, you can enjoy a unique atmosphere that invites you to escape. Your culinary journey doubles as a cultural journey.
Most of the restaurant’s ornaments were made by artisans in Marrakech. Simple tableware, also designed by a craftsman, is a simple accompaniment to the warm cuisine of the Salama restaurant.

Want to add an oriental touch to your holiday on the French Riviera ? A visit to the Salama restaurant in Saint-Tropez is a must !


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