VIP Room nightclub in Saint-Tropez

The VIP Room in Saint-Tropez is a very popular club in the nightlife world. Run by Jean Roch, this worthy successor to the VIP Room in Paris offers an exceptional line-up of artists from France and around the world.

To enter the doors of this trendy venue, party attire is required. You can then enjoy a high-class atmosphere in the 300-seat VIP Room club. During a colourful evening, you can enjoy a white, glamorous and luxurious decor, including a dancefloor area, a VIP lounge and two upstairs rooms with a view of the entire club dance floor.

Before entering the heart of the evening, enjoy the lounge restaurant la GIOIA. After your activities on the beach or your tour of Saint-Tropez, you can enjoy an authentic Italian meal here. A la carte dishes and drinks are served to the sound of a DJ.

After 11:30 pm, the club night can begin and last until the end of the night. The VIP Room in Saint-Tropez is known to make the whole world dance. The VIP Room in Saint-Tropez is a must for the nightlife in Saint-Tropez and hosts the craziest parties on the French Riviera.

Visit the VIP Room in Saint-Tropez for some incredible experiences during your stay !


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