Blue Bay Marcel Ravin Restaurant in Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

The Blue Bay restaurant in Monaco offers Asian and Caribbean inspired cuisine in the heart of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. The establishment is known for its bold culinary combinations, impeccable service and stunning sea views.

Awarded with two Michelin stars, the Blue Bay restaurant focuses on contemporary and refined cuisine. Chef Marcel Ravin creates audacious dishes that invite you to travel. The restaurant’s menu will instantly enhance your stay in Monaco: hen’s egg with manioc, velvety pig’s trotter and foie gras, poached scallops with miso broth, etc.

To come to the Blue Bay restaurant in Monaco is to immerse yourself in an exceptional place. The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort faces the Mediterranean Sea. It stands out from other hotels by its unique appeal: a sandy lagoon unique in Europe, spa, casino, bar, etc. The hotel and restaurant staff are dedicated to providing a delightful experience for guests.

Enjoy the fusion of Mediterranean and Caribbean flavours indoors in front of the open kitchen, where the chef and his team are working with great skill. Relax outside and enjoy exceptional cuisine on the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea. The Blue Bay restaurant in Monaco is the ideal place to enjoy a daring culinary journey at lunch or dinner !