Mademoiselle Gray Plage Barrière in Cannes

Elegant, impertinent, light, bohemian and resolutely Mediterranean with its world cuisine, Mademoiselle Gray claims a natural and warm atmosphere, now adorned with wood, flowers and raffia to harmoniously combine Mediterranean elegance and bohemian notes.

At lunch or dinner, thanks to its barbecue grill, Mademoiselle Gray looks like a gourmet paradise, offering dishes inspired by the sun of the Mediterranean basin with a fresh and tasty cuisine with the scent of Lebanon. Grilled whole lobster with saffron, lamb chops with spices, tomato salad with aniseed and Escragnoles goat cheese, or grilled vegetable salad with coriander and aniseed perfectly combine the subtle flavours of Lebanon revisited by our Chefs.

At the bar, the imagination competes to concoct original cocktails with a thousand colours and flavours.


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