Hyde Beach in Cannes

The Hyde Beach Cannes restaurant welcomes you on the mythical Croisette in Cannes. On the private beach of the Grand Hotel Cannes, you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with French and Italian accents.

The restaurant’s menu features fresh and natural products. Tuna is given pride of place: minute tuna tartare, Sicilian Mediterranean tuna, Hyde Tuna Bowl with tuna fillet, etc. Located near Nice, the establishment also offers the inevitable Niçoise salad. You can enjoy a sunny cuisine that focuses as much on simple dishes as on great gastronomy. At Hyde Beach Cannes, pizza and schnitzel Milanese are served alongside lobster and truffle chicken.

At the Hyde Beach Cannes, you can enjoy your dishes facing the sea, under the sun! You can enjoy quality service on the beach. The music is also there, during the day and evening, to enhance the atmosphere of the beach and the restaurant. DJ sets, live music, artistic performances, entertainment from lunch to dinner offer you an unforgettable experience typical of the French Riviera.

From the relaxing atmosphere on the beach to the dynamic atmosphere of the bar and restaurant, the Hyde Beach Cannes fulfils all your desires for relaxation.


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