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A promising start for Excellence Villa Rental

Villa Tahaa à Saint-Tropez, dans les Parcs de St Tropez

Excellence Riviera’s real estate subsidiary has fulfilled all its promises for its first season in Saint-Tropez. Owners of the most prestigious villas in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez have entrusted their properties to Excellence Villa Rental teams, and travellers have been able to enjoy exceptional rentals combined with Excellence’s exclusive services. Tom Saas, President of Excellence Villa Rental, looks back on a successful first year.


How did the launch of Excellence Villa Rental go?

Tom Saas: We’re very satisfied, because we took up the bold challenge of establishing ourselves in the highly competitive seasonal rental market in Saint-Tropez. Our goal was to offer 20 exceptional properties for rent, and we currently feature a portfolio of 50 properties. Our strength lies in our ability to maintain control over all our rentals, both in the selection we make and throughout the entire customer journey.


Can you tell us more about it?

We got off to a flying start, with 52 properties for rent in the most prestigious areas of the peninsula. From contemporary villas with state-of-the-art facilities to charming Provencal villas, all boast the comfort of a palace. Over 400 travellers, mainly from the United States, Europe and the Gulf States, have enjoyed these exceptional products.


What are the short- and medium-term plans for Excellence Villa Rental?

On the strength of our unique quality of service, we have decided to duplicate our model in other prestigious destinations. Starting with Courchevel, where our arrival went very smoothly indeed. Chalet owners, encouraged by the high standards of our services in Saint-Tropez, have put their trust in us. We already have rental mandates for twenty of Courchevel 1850’s most luxurious chalets. We’re also working to strengthen our presence on the French Riviera, as the demand for properties in the major Côte d’Azur capitals, such as Cannes and Monaco, is constantly growing.

“I’m delighted that the high standards we set for each new project are already bearing fruit with Excellence Villa Rental,” adds Antoine Rateau, President of Excellence Riviera. “We shall strive for excellence in the quality of the products we offer our loyal customers, as well as in the exclusive services we provide”, he concludes.

To find out more about the services Excellence offers to villa owners, please visit: https://excellenceriviera.com/owners