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Excellence reveals its real estate subsidiary Excellence Villa Rental

Photo de l'équipe derrière Excellence Riviera

Excellence Villa Rental was born from the desire of Antoine Rateau, founder and CEO of Excellence Riviera, to offer a complete service and deliver an exclusive experience to both villa owners and Excellence Riviera clientele.

This 100% real estate subsidiary is managed by a team based entirely in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. This hyper-local strategy benefits both owners and clients, as it offers local knowledge and a unique reactivity to the local property market.

“Our team is strengthened by young Tropezians who combine knowledge of their territory with experience in property management, and this makes Excellence Villa Rental a player of choice and trust for villa owners in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez”, says Tom Saas, President of Excellence Villa Rental.

The existence of Excellence Villa Rental reinforces the quality of service perpetuated by the Excellence Riviera teams since 2017. The Excellence Villa Rental portfolio is managed from A to Z by the same team, which provides a real guarantee and reassurance for both owners and tenants. There is an immediate response if an intervention is required, whether it is to fix a technical issue in the villa or to provide an additional service to clients.

Excellence Villa Rental perfectly complements the concierge services offered by Excellence Riviera. From the management of the villa to the organisation of the clients’ stay, everything is taken care of by teams of professionals and specialists based in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Excellence Villa Rental has a meticulous organisation for a high level of control of each service offered.

In fact, a contact person is dedicated to the relationship with the owners and a contact person is the ambassador of the villa to the clients and the Excellence Riviera teams. Both of them visit the villa to meet the owners, discover the villa and ensure that it meets all the quality criteria required by the clients before adding it to the portfolio of Excellence villas, villas for rent selected from among the most prestigious in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The creation of Excellence Villa Rental confirms our position as a leader in the organisation of luxury holidays in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez,” says Antoine Rateau, President of Excellence Riviera. Our ambition has always been to provide an exceptional service to our clients, Excellence Villa Rental naturally follows the same guideline with villa owners” he concludes.

To find out more about the services Excellence offers to villa owners, please visit: https://excellenceriviera.com/owners