Yachting day: Discovering the Golden Islands

The Golden Islands: Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Île du Levant

Porquerolles, the multi-faceted island

The largest of the three Golden Islands, Porquerolles is the most visited of the three islands. Its assets are many and varied: from a gastronomic experience to swimming through its vineyards or its Provencal village, Porquerolles deserves to take the time to disembark.

The most frequented part of the island is sublime, and if you have chartered a yacht equipped with bicycles, the place lends itself perfectly to this practice. If your yacht is not equipped, don’t worry, there are bike hire companies in the heart of the village. From the Provencal village, you can cross the vineyards and reach the fine sandy beaches north of Porquerolles, a stroll that is a source of disconnection and aspiration to a gentler pace of life.

From your yacht, you will have the privilege of accessing the best-preserved charms of Porquerolles. It is indeed in its southern part, the least accessible part of the island, that are hidden coves and wild creeks preserved from mass tourism. Like adventurers, you can discover magical places where the silver or blond sand melts into the crystalline waters of Porquerolles.

Landscape of the Island of Porquerolles
Located 2 hours by boat from Saint-Tropez, Porquerolles Island is the largest of the three islands.

Port-Cros, the wildest island

The island of Port-Cros gave its name to the Port-Cros National Park in 1963. Nothing surprising when you have the pleasure of discovering a magical island, where nature reigns and where biodiversity is more than anywhere else preserved, protected and respected. Your navigation will take you to crystalline, turquoise, azure, marine waters… where multicoloured fish are visible by the thousands. This is undoubtedly the best spot on the French Riviera to exploit the snorkelling equipment of your yacht or to try your hand at diving with one of the Golden Islands instructors.

This sanctuary of terrestrial and marine biodiversity is a true jewel of the Mediterranean and is well worth a trip. Port-Cros is the ideal place for an ecological mooring and a lunch break on board. You will be able to admire the two biodiversity reserves that are the Bagaud and Gabinière islets, two areas forbidden to man, where only rare birds and shoals of fish are allowed. This breathtaking view from your yacht will mark all your memories of a holiday on the French Riviera with a sweet scent of nostalgia.

Port-Cros Island, French Riviera
Located 1h30 by boat from Saint-Tropez, the island of Port-Cros is the wildest of the Golden Islands.

The Île du Levant, the rebellious one

With its 1000 hectares, the Île du Levant is nevertheless the least frequented of the Golden Islands. In fact, it has historically become the cradle of naturism on the French Riviera. Heliopolis, this “bohemian paradise”, allows itself extravagances and gives free rein to artistic expressions such as shimmering house colours, coconut tree tikis… Be careful therefore, if you choose to disembark on one of the sublime beaches of the Île du Levant, you will have to take off your swimming costumes as nudity is obligatory.

While part of the island is reserved for this naturist practice, 90% of the Levant belongs to the army and cannot be trodden on by visitors.

To envisage a stay or a yacht charter on the French Riviera without discovering the wild, authentic and magical charm of the Golden Islands would be to miss out on an exceptional experience. The sun will seem to set far too quickly as the day around these three jewels will go by so quickly!

Île du Levant, French Riviera
The Île du Levant is the least frequented; it is a naturist island and also a military base.