Beefbar Restaurant in Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

The Beefbar restaurant in Monaco welcomes you on the quays of the Fontvieille marina. This meat bar immediately stands out from the other restaurants in the area with its meat maturing display cabinets. If the Beefbar’s speciality is exceptional beef, the restaurant also offers fish, street food and generous salads.

The Beefbar is the reference for meat lovers in Monaco! Not surprising when you know that the restaurant belongs to the Giraudi Group, which has been specialising in importing and exporting meat for over 50 years. At the Beefbar, you can therefore taste “Black Angus” beef from the USA, “Angus” beef from Argentina, “Premium Marble Reserve” beef from Australia, Japanese beef from Kobe, etc.

If the Beefbar is a must-visit restaurant in Monaco, it is not only for its impressive menu of meats from all over the world. Located opposite the port of Fontvieille, the restaurant, designed by Riccardo Giraudi, offers a panoramic view of the Mediterranean and Monaco.

Add to this the chic and warm atmosphere of the place and the attentive service and you understand how this steakhouse restaurant has conquered Monaco !