Le Patio Restaurant in Saint-Tropez

Le Patio restaurant has become a confidential venue for a few fortunate people. An intriguing Italian table far from prying eyes, in the refined and peaceful setting of the Yaca hotel, in the heart of Saint Tropez village. Before enjoying the delicious cuisine of Chef Pantaleo di Pinto, guests can indulge in the signature cocktails of head bartender Christian Sauzeau-Bertin. Designed by Matteo Gennari, the bar is indeed a must to relax after a day in the vibrant atmosphere of Saint-Tropez.

At the helm of the Patio, chef Pantaleo di Pinto, a native of Puglia, has served at the renowned restaurants of chefs Gualtiero Marchesi, Philippe Labbé and Christophe Cussac in Monaco. This brilliant chef revisits Italian gastronomy with finesse, and delivers exceptional dishes such as the must-have spaghetti “Gentile”, oil, crunchy garlic, chili, red shrimp and caviar, which will delight your taste buds. He combines noble products delivered directly from Italy with homemade pasta to seduce afficionados of authentic Italian cuisine. A cuisine magnified by the knowledge of a team whose sole objective is to make your experience as charming as possible.

The Patio is ideal for dinners with friends but also for romantic dinners. Guests can choose to dine in the cozy setting of the black and white checkerboard marble floor and subdued lighting, or al fresco around the pool in the heart of Yaca’s lush garden.

Open every evening from 7pm to 11pm from April 27 to October 14, 2023 inclusive, the Patio will make your visit easier with its valet service.


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