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The 3 best beach restaurants in Saint-Tropez

Loulou Ramatuelle: The festive beach

Loulou Ramatuelle is the latest addition to the Paris Society restaurants whose mantra is to reinvent the art of entertaining. Resolutely casual-chic, Loulou Ramatuelle offers an experience that reminds the Riviera of the 50s. From the beach to the summer dining room, you will travel in an atmosphere reminiscent of fishermen’s houses, where tablecloths skilfully blend with whitewashed wood furniture.

Table set in the beach restaurant Loulou Ramatuelle in Pampelonne, Gulf of Saint-Tropez
Beach Restaurant Loulou Ramatuelle in Pampelonne, Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Here, chef Benoît Dargère takes guests on a journey of ode to Mediterranean cuisine, and you will be won over by his family menu, in a true spirit of sharing, simplicity and generosity. Pizza with truffles or roasted black tiger prawns are the illustration of this sunny cuisine. To accompany your choice, the advice of the local sommelier will sound like an invitation to a journey of the senses. The wine list, with more than a hundred references, illustrates the sommelier’s convictions and love for winegrowers. His suggestions will enable you to taste wines or cocktails that are as authentic as they are surprising. Finally, to sublimate the sweetness of the place, you can succumb to the famous tiramisu to be shared or let the desire for the legendary Tropezian tart take you away.

At Loulou Beach, the atmosphere changes throughout the day. Intimate and soothing during the first service, Loulou turns into a festive beach as soon as the DJ goes behind the decks. The guests, calm and relaxed, then sometimes climb onto the tables to celebrate life accompanied by Champagne.

Loulou is certainly one of the “News” of Pampelonne, but it has quickly become THE reference and a landmark for lovers of excellent beach restaurants, from service to the plate.

Les Graniers: The authentic beach

Only a few minutes walk from the village of Saint-Tropez lies a treasure still preserved, a beach like few others on the French Riviera, where wild nature is carefully cultivated. At the birth of the Bay of Canoubiers, the Graniers beach seduces travellers and Tropezians in search of simple and generous cuisine and service.

It is in the decor of a fisherman’s hut, in perfect harmony with the identity of Saint-Tropez, that the connoisseurs of this almost secret place come to taste the simple pleasure of Mediterranean cuisine, where the fishing of the day delights the taste buds of the guests while the meat lovers revel in their black Angus tabs. The unmissable artichoke vinaigrette seduces those nostalgic for the product in its purest form.

Photo of the restaurant and bar of the private beach Les Graniers, Saint-Tropez
Les Graniers beach restaurant in Saint-Tropez, just a few minutes walk from the village.

Here we cultivate the tradition of sharing and an authentic Saint-Tropez. The attentive staff offers guests a moment of disconnection and serenity. The breathtaking view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez from Les Graniers is sublimated at dusk, and the moment is then perfectly chosen for a cocktail at the beach bar before dinner with your feet in the sand and your head in the stars of the Tropezian sky.

La Réserve à la plage: The chic stopover

It is the unmissable chic stopover on the Saint-Tropez peninsula, the beach that has made a place for itself in the hearts of travellers in search of discreet luxury and good taste, even with their feet in the sand. La Réserve à la plage, an extension of the eponymous luxury hotel, is THE beach to choose if you are looking for a place with a soft and soothing atmosphere. Far from the frenzy of the other beaches of Pampelonne, the atmosphere of La Réserve à la Plage is authentic and family-friendly.

Designed by the French genius Philippe Starck, the beach combines a natural decoration inspired by the happiness of living on the French Riviera and invites you to relax for lunch or a day at the beach. Relaxation is reigning in the shade of the reeds and extends around the tables which welcome business lunches and encourage moments of sharing with the family.

Table set and deckchairs at the private beach La Réserve à La Plage, Pampelonne
Beach restaurant La Réserve à La Plage in Pampelonne, Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Here, the chef Nicolas Cantrel takes his guests on a gastronomic journey around the Mediterranean but allows all appetites thanks to a proposal of unmissable dishes including pasta and meat dishes. From children to grandparents, everyone will revel in the chef’s suggestions. These proposals will be sublimated by the accompaniment and kindness of the staff dedicated to your pleasure. At La Réserve à la Plage, the teams cultivate a natural elegance and work hard to deliver an exceptional experience.

Far from the superficial, you will find at the Réserve à la plage an unexpected corner of paradise in the heart of Pampelonne. Don’t hesitate to try it out!