Yachting itinerary: 1 week from the French Riviera to Corsica

Panorama du Golfe de Girolata en Corse

Day 1: Start your yacht charter in Saint-Tropez

Start your private cruise by chartering your yacht in Saint-Tropez. Excellence Riviera and the crew will welcome you onboard your vessel, and you will be immersed in a world where every detail counts. Some yachts are particularly suitable for a week’s charter, such as the OSE yacht, anchored all year round in the port of Saint-Tropez, which allows you to leave with 8 people for an adventure tinged with comfort and fun, or the superyacht VERTIGE, which can accommodate up to 12 passengers in 6 luxury cabins.

Aerial view of the Port of Saint-Tropez
Aerial view of the Port of Saint-Tropez

If you embark in Saint-Tropez, make a diversion to the beaches of Pampelonne. Onboard your tender, you can disembark directly on one of the mythical beaches of Ramatuelle to enjoy your lunch in the bohemian-chic atmosphere of Byblos Beach or the festive atmosphere of Nikki Beach.

Pampelonne Beach
Aerial view from Pampelonne Beach

Before leaving Saint-Tropez, lose yourself in the narrow streets of the fishing village and enjoy a slice of the famous Tropezian tart while strolling among the pétanque players. Then enjoy a meal at Alain Ducasse’s Cucina before spending part of the night at the Caves du Roy, the most exclusive club in Saint-Tropez, and then returning to your yacht for a well-deserved night’s sleep. While you recover from your first night out, head for Corsica and its unspoilt landscapes.

Day 2: Sail to Saint-Florent, the Corsican Saint-Tropez

Enjoy your first breakfast as you approach the Corsican coast and quickly succumb to the charms of Saint-Florent, the Corsican Saint-Tropez.

Panorama of the city of Saint-Florent, Corse
Panorama of the city of Saint-Florent, Corsica

As soon as you disembark, go on a sensory journey along the wine route. A local lunch or a tasting of Corsican sausages and cheeses are the perfect accompaniment to your oenological discovery in the vineyards of Patrimonio.

Back in Saint-Florent, set sail for the beaches of Lotu and Saleccia. After an afternoon of nautical pleasures or lazing around on the white sand, you will return to the comfort of your yacht before discovering the secrets of Saint-Florent.

Lotu Beach, Corsica
Lotu Beach, Corsica

This Roman city, facing its port, is full of picturesque streets with a Saint-Tropez feel. Take a tour of the 15th-century citadel before ending the day with a cocktail on the terrace of a café facing your yacht. To complete the experience, ask the yacht’s chef to cook Corsican specialities for you. Your dinner in front of the lights of Saint-Florent will have an exquisite note of authenticity.

Day 3: Discover Ile Rousse, the wild one

The arrival at Ile Rousse gives the illusion of a steep coastline, even hostile, as the coastline here is so well preserved. The authenticity and identity of Corsica are nevertheless very strong. After a gourmet breakfast on your yacht, it’s time for an adventure in the Corsican maquis and on the coastal path of the Agriates desert. If your yacht is equipped with bicycles, you can get on them and explore these numerous paths, accompanied by a guide or on your own.

Panorama of the Desert of Agriates, Corsica
Panorama of the Agriates Desert, Corsica

To the east of Ile Rousse, a horse farm with free-roaming horses can offer you an unforgettable horse riding experience. You will ride through the landscapes of this desert and ride until the sunset, with a gourmet break for lunch in the heart of the Corsican maquis. Back on your yacht, a massage session or a moment of relaxation in your jacuzzi are naturally welcome, while you sail towards Calvi and its Genoese citadel. Enjoy your evening on board, and admire the sublime panorama of this new town in the Balagne region.

Day 4: Set out to conquer Calvi, the fortified town

Your awakening in front of Calvi pushes you to leave to its conquest and to surrender to the authentic charm of its very narrow streets. Its cultural and historical heritage or its Corsican products do not leave travellers indifferent. According to legend, the Balagne region’s capital is the birthplace of the explorer Christopher Columbus, but above all, it is the historical legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Panorama of the Port and the Medieval City of Calvi, Corsica
Panorama of the Port and the Medieval City of Calvi, Corsica

Extend your discovery of the medieval city by going to the 13th-century citadel. From this rocky promontory, the 360° view, from the Corsican mountains to the Mediterranean, leaves you speechless with admiration.

Back onboard your yacht, enjoy lunch in the sun before heading to the Revellata peninsula, a true marine sanctuary. Take advantage of the anchorage to put on your diving or snorkelling equipment and swim among the gorgonians, groupers and other red corals that live in these preserved marine beds.
It is then time for relaxation, signature cocktails, a film session… before tackling the sumptuous landscapes of Scandola and Girolata.

Day 5: Scandola Nature Reserve, one of the jewels of the Isle of Beauty

As soon as you approach, you are immediately amazed by the Scandola nature reserve’s sumptuousness, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1975. Its coves and caldera-like cliffs, reminiscent of an ancient volcano that collapsed into the sea, are of incomparable beauty. In this reserve, which is only accessible by sea, the biodiversity is unique and will give you intense emotions.

While out on one of your paddles or jet skis, you may encounter bottlenose dolphins, which thrive here where human activity is limited. Lunch onboard offers the best view of the black, ochre and red rocks and the crystal clear, azure and turquoise waters of the reserve.

Creek in the Scandola Nature Reserve, Corsica
Cove in the Scandola Nature Reserve, Corsica

After this suspended moment, head for the Gulf of Girolata, a village accessible only by sea… or after a 2-hour walk! The village of only 15 inhabitants is in the heart of one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Climb aboard your tender or kayak to reach this Corsican village and spend an authentic moment in this place cut off from the world.

Panorama of the Gulf of Girolata, Corsica
Panorama of the Gulf of Girolata, Corsica

In the evening, look up at a starry sky completely free of light pollution—an indescribable pleasure.

Day 6: Cannes, back to glamour

After leaving the authenticity of Corsica, your yacht cruise continues towards the mainland. Breakfast between the Lérins Islands offers you a precious time of adaptation, before disembarking in Cannes for a shopping stop on the Croisette and a lunch in one of the beach restaurants facing the islands.

Restaurant of Miramar Beach in Cannes
Restaurant of Miramar Beach in Cannes

The bay of Cannes is the place to go for your water toys. Between flyboarding and the comfort of a deckchair with your feet in the sand, the choice is yours.
If your yacht is anchored in the Bay of Cannes on a fireworks night, you can enjoy the best view during a final dinner concocted by your crew.

Day 7: Back to Saint-Tropez

Before reaching the port of Saint-Tropez, you will sail along with the sublime red and ochre-coloured Esterel massif, enjoy a snorkelling session in the clear waters of Agay, before resuming your navigation along the Côte d’Azur coastline.

Esterel Massif
Esterel Massif

The arrival in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez allows you to enjoy the Tropezian region’s splendours one last time. A coffee at Sénéquier, a tour of the Provençal market to pick up a few artisanal souvenirs or a last shopping session… Whatever your last temptation in Saint-Tropez, you will conclude this dream week in the sweetest of ways.

Sunset in Saint-Tropez
Sunset in Saint-Tropez

Your charter week will alternate between intense emotions and maximum relaxation. The crews will take care of you at all times so that your stay onboard your yacht will exceed your expectations.

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