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L'hôtel de luxe Le Byblos à Saint-Tropez

The 5 star hotel – Palace, Le Byblos Saint-Tropez

The Byblos Saint-Tropez hotel is the result of the desire of a Lebanese man, Jean-Prosper Gay-Para, to build a “palace of a thousand and one nights” for Brigitte Bardot, with whom he was in love. Inaugurated on 27 May 1967, the hotel has been in the hands of a family of enthusiasts, the Floirat, for more than 50 years. The fourth generation, embodied by Antoine Chevanne, has been in charge since 2006.
It is this authentic history that has been perpetuated for several generations. Generations have followed one another, but the palace attracts more than any other a clientele of regulars, of faithfuls, of unconditional fans.

© Byblos Saint-Tropez

The Byblos is a 17,000m² Provencal village in the heart of Saint-Tropez. The village spirit is cultivated by offering “palace” services. The 91 luxury rooms and suites are all unique and decorated with fabrics from the greatest designers. For the 50th anniversary of the Byblos Palace in 2017, the designer Rosita Missoni designed the entire Missoni Suite, resulting in 180 square metres of elegance with geometric lines and shimmering colours, a hymn to the bohemian-chic spirit that emanates from the Byblos. Each room cultivates elegance and recalls the omnipresence of the Mediterranean.

Missoni Suite at the Byblos Hotel
© Byblos Saint-Tropez

The Byblos luxury hotel celebrates the dolce vita, and its wellness offer is no exception. The central swimming pool, the gym and the Sisley Spa are all there for the relaxation-seeking traveller. The unique setting of the Sisley Spa makes it unique. The famous 17th-century Lebanese room, each stone of which was transported from a palace in Beirut, has become iconic, while the Jerusalem stone suite is a delight for couples who treat themselves to a duo treatment. At the Sisley spa at the Byblos, you will find all the natural treatments based on the essential oils of the cosmetic brand. Everything here contributes to absolute relaxation, a rejuvenating cure and letting go.

Spa Sisley by Byblos
© Byblos Saint-Tropez

This timeless palace is renowned for the art of living that emanates from it and the hundreds of international personalities who have chosen its walls as a refuge during their luxury stay in Saint-Tropez. The Byblos legend was born, and its nightclub, the Caves du Roy, is no stranger to this.

The mythical Byblos nightclub, the Caves du Roy

The same year it opened, the Byblos Hotel launched its own club. In more than 50 years, Les Caves du Roy has had no trouble becoming the HQ for the Gotha and international stars every summer. Les Caves du Roy is a legendary club, the “Temple of Tropezian Nights” since July 1967. From Mick Jagger to Jack Nicholson, Beyoncé to Leonardo di Caprio, the greatest graced the Caves’ dancefloor.

© Byblos Saint-Tropez

More than 800 lucky people compete for admission every summer evening, and this exclusive selection is ensured by the director of the Caves du Roy, “Junior”. People flock to the VIP areas to swallow bottles of Dom Pérignon and to listen to the music of Jack.E, the resident DJ since 1997!

© Byblos Saint-Tropez

The Caves cultivate conviviality and sharing and cultivate a simple and authentic philosophy of celebration. Bottles of champagne go hand in hand with laughter and fun. The unique oriental decor and the play of light around the mythical palm trees create an incomparable atmosphere that envies the greatest clubs.
A loyal clientele of clubbers, a festive and generous atmosphere, and moments of letting go are the keys of Les Caves du Roy’s success for over 50 years.
The Byblos is indeed a hymn to freedom, joy, to the sweetness of life, and its culinary proposals are no exception.

The Byblos restaurants: Arcadia, Cucina, “B” and Byblos Beach

The Byblos is four places where gastronomy is put at the service of pleasure and sharing, directed by the new executive chef Nicola Canuti.
The latest addition is the Arcadia, managed by Nicola Canuti, which is the Byblos’ gastronomic address. The chef delivers a precise and accurate cuisine, both in the dining room and on the terrace in front of the pool. The eyes of the guests marvel at the colours and the layout of the plates, and the taste buds awaken and vibrate to the rhythm of the suggestions, such as the carbonara “like an air”, or the Mussel – Crudo, bottarga, olive, black lemon of Oman. Great classics become culinary delights here, and the desserts of the inventive Yann Odic complete the Arcadia experience, such as the “fennel, strawberries, green aniseed” dessert.

Restaurant l'Arcadia at the Byblos Saint-Tropez hotel
© Byblos Saint-Tropez

A legendary establishment, an exceptional chef. No less than the “godfather” of French gastronomy, the great chef Alain Ducasse and his chef Yann Capsie, were needed to orchestrate the restaurant la Cucina, the revisited “trattoria” of the Byblos. This new address on the Tropezian scene projects the guests onto a real “piazzeta” where la dolce vita is the rule. Simplicity, generosity and sharing are the keywords here, in the atmosphere as well as on the plate. In the heart of a palace, you can enjoy a “simple” Neapolitan pizza baked in the oven or pasta flambéed in a wheel of Parmesan cheese. Original dishes from Italian cuisine, but designed by Alain Ducasse, a proposal in perfect harmony with the philosophy of the Byblos.

Restaurant La Cucina at the Byblos Saint-Tropez hotel
© Byblos Saint-Tropez

Cette offre de restauration est complétée par le bar-lounge, le “B”, au bord de la piscine, entre restaurant et lieu de vie tout au long de la journée, dirigé par Alexander Hasle.

© Byblos Saint-Tropez

Finally, the Byblos has unveiled its beach, “Byblos Beach” in 2019, and the simple and natural identity of the Byblos is perfectly reflected there. Chef Brice Migneaux offers a simple and refined cuisine. The freshness of the carpaccio of sea bass with citrus fruits and samphire, which is a lifesaver in the heat of Pampelonne, or the marine flavours of the linguine with clams and bottarga. All the flavours of the Mediterranean are sublimated here by the breathtaking setting of the Bay of Pampelonne. The Byblos, with its feet in the sand, seduces both regulars and those who are not familiar with the Byblos spirit.

Byblos Beach, the private beach of the Byblos Saint-Tropez hotel
© Byblos Saint-Tropez

When the hotel industry meets Greek mythology, the result is the Byblos, a timeless, immortal palace, a Tropezian myth, where every moment spent is precious and happy.

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